An urban legend says the various species of daddy longlegs possess the most toxic venom in the world but with fangs too weak to penetrate human skin. These arachnids (related to spiders but members of the order Opiliones) are not poisonous and have no fangs. Also called harvestmen, these omnivores walk about on delicate legs like ballerinas and help clean up the place.

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canada goose coats Archie, a 4 year old boxer and American bulldog mix canadagoosessale Canada Goose Outlet, raced toward a gaggle of Canada geese, sending them into the sunny skies over Stadium Park on Tuesday.wants to play with them, says Derek Gordon, the city parks director and Archie owner, after sprinting alongside him. Don want anything to do with him. Unveiled a list of low cost methods the park department will use to drive away the overpopulated geese, which generate the bulk of complaints from park patrons throughout the year.There are too many geese between 400 and 500 populating city parks, Gordon says. canada goose coats

Canada Goose online Capital return to shareholders: Calgon’s annual $0.20 dividend is nothing to get excited about (1.4% yield), but I do expect it to grow over time, albeit at an irregular pace. Additionally, though Calgon froze its buyback to help fund the CECA acquisition, $64.1M still remains on the program good enough to retire 8.8% of the float at the Calgon’s current market cap ($729.3M). I was hopeful share repurchases would resume this year, but after management’s comments during the Q4 conference call, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hold off on the buyback until 2018. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka The general of the State Zone waterfowl opener will be Oct. 24, and the Zone opener will be Oct. 10.. Nanu Miah got both Vita goals, one from the penalty spot.Western Juniors were trounced 5 0 at home by Adel Rangers. Paul Rogers (2), Adam Emmett, Nick Berry and James Secker were the Adel scorers.Mark Langton and Phillip Thompson were on target for Kentmere Gate but they were held to a 2 2 draw at Woodhouse CC.Original Oak moved to within five points of division three leaders Republica Inter with a 5 0 victory overstrugglers The George.John O’Laughlin’s hat trick set them on their way and the rout was completed by Steve Sharp and Andy Whitehouse.Cross Green were held to a 2 2 draw by Greyhounder. Martin Harris scored for Greyhounder, who were also grateful for an own goal as they claimed a point Canada Goose Parka.